Personalized Grandma and Grandkids Heart - 2 Layers Wooden Plaque

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šŸ„³Our Personalized Shaped 2 Layers Wooden Plaque is the perfect gift for your love one.šŸ’žThis beautiful plaque features a unique design, with two layers that can be personalized with your choice of text. It's sure to draw attention wherever it's placedā€”whether it's on a kitchen counter, in a hallway, or on a desk. āœØIt will look great as part of any decor.šŸŽ

MESSAGE:Ā  Heart to heart- Grandma and grandkids

Product details:

  • Material: Made of environmental-friendly fiber wood, nontoxic, odor-free,Ā and exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Double-layered printable & cutout shape.
  • Package:Wooden Sign x Wooden Display Stand
  • 2Ā Sizes Available:

    • 6'' x 6''in

    • 7.9'' x7.9''in

  • This plaque is not only the perfect addition to your home, but also the best way toexpress your deep love and best wishes to your loved ones.āœØ


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